26/11/2012: Vortrag

Stephan Schütz "Cultural Buildings - Stages for Urban Life"

National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgarien
Dienstag, 27. November 2012,
18.00 Uhr
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Im Rahmen der Sofia Architecture Week 2012 spricht gmp-Partner Stephan Schütz zum Thema "Cultural Buildings -  Stages for Urban Life" in Sofia, Bulgarien. Das internationale Architekturfestival Sofia Architecture Week findet vom 26. November bis 2. Dezember zum fünften Mal statt.

Weitere Informationen hierüber auf Englisch:

"Launched in September 2008 as a two-day conference, the event expanded into a week-long meeting and idea exchange platform for architecture, interior design, landscape and urban environment. Through stimulating a broad professional and public debate the festival aims at initiating sustainable social and architectural practices. The diverse and intense program features presentations, exhibitions, discussions, workshops, screenings and urban interventions as well as architectural workshops for the youngest.

Every year Sofia Architecture Week focuses on a specific topic – in 2012 that is the interaction between culture and architecture in the context of Sofia’s application for a European Capital of Culture in 2019. Participants and public will be all welcomed to follow study and model the interaction between cultural spaces and their creators, users, managers, public and artistic content.

Organizers of the festival are EDNO in partnership with America for Bulgaria Foundation and Sofia Municipality."