26/09/2015: Lecture

Scaling Urban Spaces

The China Millennium Monument
Beijing, China

Saturday, 26 September, 2015

Co-Host Organizations
2015 Beijing Design Week Organizing Committee
China Building Center (CBC)
Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine

The rapid development of urbanization in China has provided an unprecedented platform for architects both in China and from all over the  world. It is a platform where international and local, creative and controversial elements co-exist. In this context, the“Design for City”International Architectural Summit Forum aims to foucus on architectural design and the future construction of Chinese cities.

In 2015, the development of Chinese urban construction has become increasingly rational. The“Design for China”International Architectural Summit Forum co-hosted by the China Building Center (CBC) and Urban Environment Design (UED) Magazine. The invited architects from China and abroad will discuss and exchange ideas around issues such as the susutainability of cities, its climate and regions as well as its cultural genes taking the capital city Beijing as an example.

Architecture is changing not only the city but also people’s way of manner. This forum is to slow down and reflect on the rapid urban development in China. More than 500 urban construction governors, developers and architects will be invited to push the discussion beyond the academic level so as to influence the urban construction deciders, driving the development of urbanization in China into a positive direction.